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Such an adorable game! I'd been following a few of the creators work for awhile now on twitter and I was thrilled to discover this adorable game! I had a blast playing it, and jumping all over the place collecting ingredients! I only wish I could have played for longer without restarting. If you get a chance to check out my gameplay of the game I'd really appreciate it! Keep up the adorable and great work! 


Thanks playing our game and for the video!! the edits were great haha :D


This game was so flippin cute I could hardly stand it! I loved everything from the character models to the music to the design of the spa. Very creative and well done! I look forward to seeing what else this developer creates in the future. If you want to see what my play through was like you can click the link below. 

Thank you so much for playing our game Tyler! Glad you enjoyed it :D

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i cant download how do u play!?!?!? IT LOOKS SO CUTE BUT I CANT PLAY !?!?!

Hey puppylover! 

If you have downloaded it from the website (this page), the file is downloaded is a "zip file",  right click and press extract it, then run (double click) "WinterJam".

You can alternatively download it from the app and run it easily.

This is a game that only runs on PC for now, not mac! 

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I saw this on RockPaperShotgun, it is just lovely, a very nice happy-feeling game:)

Is there a way to invert the Y-Axis?

I'd love to put this on my son's tablet for him. If you think it will run (Linx Vision 8: Intel Atom x5-Z8300, 2 GB RAM Intel Integrated Graphics, it used to run Slime Rancher OK), any chance of a 32-bit build?

I also found it hard to find the cream:) Although perhaps that's intentional:)

I saw you said "Apple doesn't let us build for their platform unless we own a Mac". I own an old Mac:) I'm a professional developer (Chaos Reborn (Unity), Black Powder \\ Red Earth (SDL) - so, no Unreal experience), happy to help for free if you want and if I can:)

Finally, just wow at producing this in 3 days!

Took me a while to find the cream but it was in my pants all along. Haha but for real that was a lot of fun! The controls felt nice and everything was cute.


Very cute game that made me stress out a lot more than I thought I would. The mechanics works good and the game overall has a nice feeling to it. 

Good job :D


Very charming little game, played it as part of my 3 random games :D!


I LOVE THIS GAME! I had so much fun playing it and would have loved it even more if the challenges got increasingly difficult (not that I completed all 4 tubs anyway) but I would love to see this game start off really simple, oh hey just warm water, milk, and chocolate, then start adding in all the toppings of cherry and cream. I would have loved it to start expanding to a bigger kitchen with more platforms to jump on and more ingredients! I think this could totally be a longer game and I would really love to see that! The only trouble I had with this game was I was so upset when I couldn't press the water again to fill the tubs!!! I must have screwed up almost every single time! 😂😂😂 But your game starts at 2:29! 🖤


I can tell your form the State's i hope i'm right in saying that anyway...we say 

Marshmallow with an (A) instead of an (E)..but apart from that it was an awesome game. When i did look back through my video i did noticed the penalty for falling down the hole nice touch.     


"Mellow" is a play on words :D cause we hope you all mellow out while playing this game!
Thank you so much for playing our game, glad you enjoyed it and took the time to make a video!!


I cant download it

The download link is on the page :)


How do I get on the game?And is it multiplayer?


Super cute and I'm glad it's getting so much attention. Although my girlfriend wanted to know why the marshmallows wanted to kill themselves!??! (Now that I played it, I'll have to show her that SOME of them prefer to keep the water only lukewarm...)

I recorded my playthru (in-game sound only):

My first playthru, where I had no idea what I'm doing, is also here.

Just a few thoughts:

It's incredibly cute, which is huge.

It took me a while to realize that the different colors meant different demands. I think each zone could be colored a little more distinctively. You could really get crazy and do totally different themes. But I'd avoid using that red berry motif for the background of each one - since there is a red tub, I kept thinking the one with the red berries on the wall was red. But it's not!

I also didn't realize there would be MORE customers lining up immediately after. I was planning on getting all 4 done, then watching the fruits of my labor! Some cute animation would be a nice reward. I'd love to be able to watch the mallows jump in, and let me watch them (creepy?) ... heh.  .... but they just disappear!

anyway, awesome work, especially for a game jam, it got me to tell my girlfriend about it which is rare and awesome!


Thanks for playing it and enjoying it so much, also for the feedback, we really appreciate it! Regarding watching the Marshmellows, next time when you ring the bell, maybe go closer to the tub, you might see the Marshmellows relaxing in the tub having a great time, they dont disappear! ;) 


Cute marshmallows, but sooooo demanding. 

Played through the game a few times (loved it btw), controls were nice and easy and gameplay was fun. The looks of the game are amazing, love the cute style and Marshmallows :)

I have a few notes from my playthrough.
- In ultrawide the main menu screen doesn't fit the screen very well
- You can skip the whole floating platform section by just going around on the right by jumping onto the little fence
- It took me a few plays to find the gingerbread and cream, might be good to add some signage to them, perhaps also put them in the same room as the cherries as the toppings are the only things that are spread into multiple rooms.
- When in indle and holding something the object you are holding doesn't bob up and down with the character, might be something to add just to give a little more immersion
- The pause menu as the same issue as main menu
- You might want to add it so that the mouse resets to centre screen position whenever moved so that if you have multiple monitors it doesn't end up that your mouse goes into your other monitors (which means if you click it pauses the game)
- Possibly giving more time when you finish a bath as it doesn't seem that you can do more than 12 unless you get lucky and have lots of 3 part baths in which case you might manage 16

Those are my thoughts on the game anyway :) loved it and looking forward to seeing future updates

it looks like an amazing and cute game to play, but i am not exactly the best at computers and i could not download it on my windows mac, i read the help section thing but unfortunately it was not any help. please someone help me. x

Hey sorry we currently don't have a build for Mac pcs :(

This game is uper fun and addictive, and has a very cute asthetic. vey warm and eary feel kind weird controls but also has an excellent use of puzzle and platfroming features.

its cute

i dowloaded the zip file and followed the instructions and nonthing happened soo is this broken?

i did the same and it didn't work. I'm sorry i cant help u

64 bits ;-; 

Whats the file path? Also make it the full file path. I want to play but I cant search in files

If you're downloading from this itch page via a browser, the file path will be wherever you decided to download it to

why i can't  play? i downloaded and not works, i downloaded desktop and i downloaded again, not working. it says "you need to download visual c" or what she says. plz help

drunken dad sim not works too...just a gacha life pc works

I have tried to download a few games from this site, this one, thirteen and a half cats, and a few others. none of them seemed to have worked when i opened them. 

This game was really cute and really fun! Although I felt bad though since these marshmellows are gonna die sitting in such hot coco :( 

how do i play


Hi! Thanks for making this game, I made you a video


Super cute game! Had a lot of fun! It was kinda difficult to find out where toppings were at first, so maybe add in a sign pointing up in the chocolate area for the gingerbread and cream so people know where to look would be a good idea. Hope you enjoy the video! 

how do i get the game because i need to play it but nothings working really


WOW I loved everything about this game! The graphics were great, the concept was so cool, and it was even challenging!! Well done! :)


Took me a while to successfully install it on my laptop, but since it's a rather weak one, the game is too slow, I can't play it ;____;

Do you plan to release a lighter or a mobile version?

Sorry to hear! We didn't have enough time in the 3 days to really think about optimizing the game and a mobile port isn't planned right now :)



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A wonderful, incredibly cute game! It warms your heart like a cup of hot chocolate!

Since others seem to have troubles with the download, I want to mention that the game worked without any problems for me. Just unzipped, started the Winterjam.exe and done.

A small suggestion, though: the music doesn't loop and therefore leaves a little bit of silence at the end of the normal run (not too bad) and quite a lot in a longer practice run. Since the music fits the atmosphere pretty well, I think hearing it on loop would be cool.

But as I said, a very cute and wholesome game!


This game had extremely good music and a wonderful atmosphere!  Absolutely love it!


*NOTE: This is not a mobile game. It is windows only.*


its really annoying because i really want to play this but it is not downloading could you try to fix this problem that many people are having pls because i am really dissapointed that i cant play this amazing brand new game that i saw DanTDM play so pls try ur hardest to fix this please. Thank you


What exactly is wrong with the download? We are trying to help people but nobody is telling us what the issue is. We have updated the game description to help with downloading and running it. Can you share any more information?

i cant play it even that i downloaded it


If you have downloaded it from the website (this page), the file is downloaded is a "zip file",  right click and press extract it, then run (double click) "WinterJam".

You can alternatively download it from the app and run it easily.


I can't download it But i like

i played cause danTDM played

same ;)

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