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the game looks nice and cute. I love the artstyle which is a bit Kawaii. the theme and Ascetics are well balanced and give me the right feels you have in the winter. I think this feel could be even better if it would be snowing outside. it gives you that perfect feeling of wanting to drink hot cocoa with wiped cream or marshmallows. the music was a good choice for that reason as well
the game play is pretty easy and quick to understand if you are already familiar with how things work in games. However, a small guide with how the keys work would be nice for the people who are quite new to the keys. You already do this with filling the bath.

some things I noticed while playing:
I constantly had not enough time to finish the 4 baths in the time span which is given to you.
I missed the water animation from the baths (just something what could be a nice detail)

overall I had fun playing the game and it works well. Nice work in only 3 days ^^

how do u play it? i cant launch it

something like that happened to me, but since i'm using a mac, i downloaded the game but was unable to play it ;-;

this game is super cute and cool

how do u play it? whne i press launch it doesnt wor

Even though I'm air headed this game put me in the holiday mood. So cute and simple <3

hi i downloaded the app and tried it on the website, i tried it on the app and i downloaded this adorable game but unfortunetly couldnt launch it i dont understand why and i would love if someone could help me. 


Can you make this game compatible with mac :-)


I can’t go in the game help me pls.


The game is cute and super fun.


-endless mode. I  just want to keep playing without a timer I dont care about score too much.

-being able to add ingredients in any order would be nice


This is really cool , here are my suggestions:

I couldn't find cream when asked to add it. Make it more clear where it is! I searched the whole map!

You should be able to restart a bath if you mess it up. Maybe you can, I just didn't know how.



I do apologise for how long I took to get to your game, but I've only just fixed my computer problem!

However, I really like your game; its cute (and dark when you realise you're making hot choco for marshmallows to be in!) and it has serious potential!


healp i cant get it to work

me too

I came for the marshmellows and I stayed for the three different types of chocolates :) I love this game even in the hot south. My only worry throughout the game was that I KNOW what happens to marshmallows in hot chocolate, but luckily this didn't turn into a horror game.


How do I open the game though

how do you download it????

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Can you please make it on chromebook because I want to play it so badly, I would be most grateful  enjoyed and  to be able to play it while I have time at night. 

My dad's  I'm not suspicious of these websites, so please make it on Chromebook.  

This is grat!! I wish more time were added when you complete one request...

ooh that is such a good idea

Bonjour alors j'ai essayé de télécharger le jeu sur mon téléphone mais ça marche pas que dois-je faire🤔



Your game was recommended to me by and I really like the way your game looks! As a YouTuber, I'd love to make a video on it, but I thought I'd ask first before making one. Is it possible to make a video on your game?

Have a nice day!

^ . ^

i launch it but it doesn't open how do i fix this?

Is there a way for it not to be zip? 

will you make this available for mac?? 

please do a 32 bit version

When I attempt to open the game nothing pops up. Can someone help me?

Deleted 325 days ago
Deleted 325 days ago

Great game! Very cute and interesting concept! I think there should be controller support and a story, if you added those then it probably would be ready to be sold for a profit~

bruh how do you even get it to work 

Guys how to download Minecraft And Fortnite PUBG And Marshmellow day Spa and Apex Pleas teach me 


Help! I can't get it to run! I unzipped it and double clicked the application. I really wanna play this D: please help! uwu

I'm having the same problem


Probably one of the most adorable games i've ever seen and it seems my audience thinks so too! more requests have come in to play it more too! great game well done! 

Wow, I loved this game! But holy crap does it take fine platforming..

The cutest marshmallows one could ask for. Would love to see more!

Absolutely adorable!


I really like it! The only thing is i think there should be levels to kinda break it up. like a certain amount of cups need to be made under a timer and stuff and maybe a co op option would be cool. I liked it but i tended to get bored after a while cos it wasn't broken up enough. Overall great concept really liked it.

Thanks so much Jenniphr! :D Currently we are working on a bigger version of the game where we are planning on multiple levels and co-op! 

Oh that would be so awesome! I cant wait for it!



Thanks so much!!

I really liked this so I used some footage from it in my latest list! The animation style is obviously adorable, but I mainly liked the way you depicted things like the chocolate bars and cream. The whole concept is great!

I'm sure I missed some things and would like to have seen some more ingredients, though there aren't that many that would go with the theme. Cinnamon sticks? The only thing that took me out of it a bit was the moving platform since I didn't feel like I could aim my jumps reliably. Other than that, fun game for a jam and great job! 


please add to mac!!


Such a cute game, loved it very much :3

je  n'arrive pas lancer le jeux 


Игра хорошо, добавить бы всякие задачи или челенжи было бы класс! :)


This game was so cute, I loved it. Great work :D

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